My day-job

I love working for Netsertive. I get to help my team in ways that align with my strengths.

I'm a Scrum Master

I help grease the skids for my team. We're all smart people, and I love being the binding agent for our collective brain-power.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer

I help write the php and java code that powers our public-facing platform, and lead others in good engineering practices.


We're super proud of what we've accomplished through Bandmate. We're changing the way music is taught with the world's only chromatic tuner that also displays your note on a music staff, transposed for your instrument.

I'm the Technical Director

I own responsibility for entire of the technology stack, from source code to market. We wrote Bandmate in Unity3d.

Game Development

I love creative storytelling through games. I wrote, produced, and developed the Starlight demo in Unity3d a couple of years ago, and I look forward to re-visiting this universe soon.

VR Development

I've fallen in love with the Oculus Rift, and have decided to move the Starlight universe towards total immersion through VR and compelling storytelling.

Here are some screenshots of some concepts that some friends help me make. I have plans to bring this to life soon!


I love making things with my hands! I made most of the furniture I use every day, and I look forward to making more.